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Jan 19, 2022

After spending nearly a year as an employee, I once again find myself at a spot where I'm determining whether I want to join another organization as an employee or to be completely on my own.

I had some thoughts about this today after an inspiring coffee conversation ... and this episode is what came from that.


Jan 14, 2022

True empowerment ... higher energy ... whatever is truly needed for you to perform or work at your best, is available to you. You only need to tap into it.
Want to learn things like actually LIVING in prayer instead of doing prayer as an action? Or maybe how to increase productivity at a workplace by creating...

Jan 14, 2022

There is a lot more to enjoying your work than just doing something you like. There is a BEING behind the doing. Today listen in as John Murphy talks about the zone of BEING in vibrational harmony where you receive more of what you give.

John Murphy is an author who works with business leaders to help them become more...

Jan 11, 2022

Today I combine the acronyms REAL and POWER and give an overview of each of these programs. When you tap into your own power, there is no need to continue down the path of forcing and making and hustling all the time.

Information comes from Bruce Schneider's Energy Leadership Index, and my book POWER Tools @ Work.


Jan 4, 2022

As humans we have been conditioned to have learning thrust upon us, not to be active participants. And this has caused us some angst, especially in the areas of love and money.

Today I talk about the concepts of worth, value, cost, price, payoffs and a lot of other ideas around abundance. 

I refer to passages from A...