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Feb 6, 2023

Ken Noble has an interesting story. He used to be a pastor, but life has led him in the direction of a new calling.

During this raw and authentic conversation, Ken and I talk about real subjects like depression, eating disorders, and how becoming an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart or of faith.

Ken is a...

Feb 1, 2023

Amanda Lurz might be called a PolyMind. (This is a new term which I just learned about this past week which applies to people with a lot of varied interests.)

Amanda is a nurse, a real estate professional, she and her husband have an excavating business, and she is a spiritual coach or, to use the title I unofficially...

Jan 23, 2023

Small talk is great - it's where we start out in connecting with others. But talk is really cheap if it only stays small. Of course, there are big talkers, who ONLY talk ... and that's not it either.

In this episode I recap our first Chill Out retreat in Fargo, ND.

What might you be missing by not taking a break and...

Jan 9, 2023

If what we focus on expands, then why are we focusing on what doesn't work or what we don't have or what we don't want? How is that working to create the effects we truly desire?
Just because you can't see or touch something doesn't mean it isn't important. And the intangibles - those aspects of awareness and...

Jan 3, 2023

When some action you take produces a result, that's science. When some action you take produces a result you don't want, it's a simple adjustment.
Why isn't it easy if it's so simple?
Conditioning. Time has a way of making whatever we do over and over and over again "easier" than changing our minds and our actions...